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The Art of Celebration

September 10

Hotel Shediac

10:00 PM - 12:00 AM



Stephen LeBlanc

Stephen Leblanc, a versatile canadian musician with a long track record of accolades ranging from multiple albums, awards, television appearances, radio singles and extensive touring with his own bands like the cult favorite An Acoustic Sin and the hard rock project known as Tracy Starr. Furthermore, not to mention the international artists that he performs live and on record with including violinist Dominique Dupuis, acadian folk artist Fayo, Roland Gauvin et la Grousse Band, and more.



If you have the chance to see Homegrown perform live, you may hear a slick cover version of a Sean Mendez tune, a few Fleetwood Mac classics, or even the A Capella rendition of Seven Bridges Road by the Eagles. The vocal cleverness and musicianship of this group defines the creativity of their live performances. Post covid, the Homegrown quartet has also evolved into a duo format performing smaller pubs, weddings, private functions, and large corporate events with the quartet. With a live energy, there is something about a Homegrown performance that makes you want to sing and dance along to the music. It's the music you know and love, the music you grew up with, at home!

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