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September 9

Parc Pascal Poirier

10 AM & 12 PM

$30 + tax and fees max of 6 players per ticket

(limit of 17 tickets per session)

Part scavenger hunt, part escape room, and all fun!

Hom’Art Immersive Outdoor Adventures are immersive games that will take you and your team (up to 6 people) around actual locations in downtown Shediac, with a narrative and puzzles that play out on your smartphone. You’ll have 2 hours to crack the case. The game is browser-based so there is no app to download ahead of time.

You will have a choice of one of two games:

1️. The Mystery of the Colour Fairy (Difficulty level: ***)

New for 2023! Colors have started to disappear from the world! It’s your job to track down a legendary being called the color fairy and see if they can reverse it! Search Pascal Poirier Park for clues and find help among the fairy folk to ensure Shediac stays colorful!

2️. The Great Shediac Art Heist (Difficulty level: ***** )

 Returning from last year - A valuable work of art called the Blue Lobster has been stolen! It’s up to you and your team to recover it. Explore downtown Shediac looking for clues and solving puzzles the thief has left you. If you play the thief’s game, will you be able to track down the priceless artifact?

Is your team up to the task? Come play and find out!!

Each team can have a maximum of 3 smartphones active for the game. Each smartphone will require location services be active and require mobile data (approx 25 mb).

Rules, Health and Safety


Be aware of your surroundings

As you explore during the game, ensure you are mindful of what is in front and around you. Be careful crossing streets and watch for people and cars.

Be respectful to other players

Everyone is there to have fun, so don’t do anything to hinder other players or make it impossible for everyone to enjoy the game. Disrespectful behavior will result in expulsion from the game.

Everything required to play is outdoors

This is an outdoor experience, so you will not need to enter any buildings or structures that are not publicly accessible.

Only play in safe, public areas

Although you may need to cross streets to reach certain areas, there are no clues hidden in the middle of the streets, so make sure to reach the sidewalk before interacting with anything. Also, only publicly accessible places are part of the game, so do not enter fenced-off or private areas to reach clues.

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